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Do I Have Termites?

Tulsa Termite Detection

Different types of termites are common in various areas of the country. In Oklahoma, we have subterranean termites, which live in the ground. At Guardian Angel Exterminating, our professional technicians are frequently asked, “Do I have termites?” Read on for the answers you need.

signs of termite infestation

You can also contact us at (918) 205-7150 if you need help identifying and eliminating termites in your home. We are equipped to detect and eliminate termites in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and the surrounding areas.

Signs You Have Subterranean Termites

termite tunnelBecause subterranean termites live underground, you won’t see them crawling around like ants and other insects. As they forage through the soil, they must retain moisture in their bodies to live. When they travel above ground, they surround themselves in mud tubes, also known as termite tunnels. This makes subterranean termites more difficult to detect than other types of insects. Often, termites have caused damage to the integrity of the structure before homeowners discover them.

crack filled with mud or dirtSome common signs of subterranean termites include:

  • Small bits of mud or dirt sticking to walls or baseboards
  • Peeling paint on windowsills or baseboards that looks like water damage
  • Tiny pinholes in drywall
  • Mud tubes near the foundation of your home
  • Piles of wings or termite swarms

While there are signs that indicate a possible termite problem, they are not that easy to spot. Subterranean termites can be difficult to detect, and it is easy to overlook minor signs of their presence. Our exterminators have the necessary training and experience to accurately detect termites and quality products to get rid of them before they can do more damage to your property.termite wings

Prevent Further Damage to Your Home

Subterranean termites are known for silently causing damage to homes and commercial properties. By the time you see the signs of a termite infestation, they may have already been present for months or years. The best way to prevent structural damage to your home is to have a professional conduct a termite inspection every year. Guardian Angel Exterminating can detect even the most subtle signs of termite activity. We are ready to protect your home.

Call (918) 205-7150 to schedule a termite inspection in Tulsa.


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