Questions, Anyone?

We know you have many concerns when it comes to pest control. We hope this page gives you the assurance that your family and pets are safe in the hands of Guardian Angel Exterminating! If you have more questions about your situation, please feel free to reach out to us. Call us at (918) 205-7150 today!

Pest Control FAQ

  • General Pest Questions

    • Is Guardian Angel Exterminating Licensed & Insured?

      Our staff is trained and certified through the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture in conjunction with the OSU Extension Program. Rest assured we are fully licensed and insured above the state's minimum requirements.

    • Do You Offer a Guarantee?

      Guardian Angel Exterminating is so confident in our products and services that we offer a 45-day indoor service guarantee on nearly every pest we treat. However, some pests, such as roaches, bed bugs, pantry pest, and flies can be reintroduced into the property regardless of previous pest treatment. For that reason, ongoing pest treatment plans may be recommended. Ask your customer care representative about your coverage period for your particular service.

    • Do I Need to Leave My Home After the Treatment?

      When having the inside of your home treated with any pesticide, we recommend leaving the property for at least two hours to ensure the aerosolized particles have settled and have dried completely. Leaving your home greatly reduces the possibility of asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and more.

    • Are Your Products Safe for My Family & Pets?

      Guardian Angel's goal is to be the guardians of your home and health, which is why we use the safest products available combined with proven techniques. We now offer the option of having your home treated with 100% organic products. Our products will remain effective against pests without harming any non-target animals.