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Roaches require specialized products applied in a professional manner. We combine three methods of treatment to ensure total pest management.

For roaches we do an initial treatment of the interior by treating all of the active areas and applying our product to the baseboards throughout your home. There is no need to empty all of your cabinets like some companies request, Guardian Angel conveniently applies professional grade bait in these areas instead of spraying in these food sensitive areas.  We will put out bait in the food sensitive areas such as kitchen cabinets and counters.

The combination of the spray and the bait work together excellently to draw roaches out of their hiding places. 


As you probably know, roaches multiply rapidly so getting rid of them is a process.  Fortunately, our company has this down to a science. 

-Roaches lay eggs that can take up  to 60 days to hatch. 

-As those eggs hatch, the babies will need to get into our product before they die.  It is for this reason that completing your follow-up treatments is so important.  

We will need to do a minimum of 3 treatments over the span of 3 months to eliminate your infestation.  We will call you when your follow-ups are due.

  It is not uncommon to see a temporary increase in activity after your first treatment.   It will most likely take all 3 treatments to completely eliminate them so please be aware that the treatment is a process and most customers do not see complete results until after the last follow-up treatment has been completed.    For each treatment, it is best to be prepared to leave your home for 2 hours to allow the product to dry before you re-enter.


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