Bed Bug Heat Treatments from Guardian Angel Exterminating

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For the past 11 years, Guardian Angel Exterminating has specialized in fast, effective pest control for Tulsa and the surrounding areas. About 4 years ago, we noticed a huge increase in the amount of bed bug infestations we were seeing. As it turns out, it is a nation wide epidemic that has continued to grow and spread throughout the past several years. Why? Why all of a sudden is there a boom in bed bugs?

Many reasons contribute but some of the most important are that bedbugs began adapting to their environment in order to survive. They developed tougher exoskeletons and built resistance to the very pesticides that used to kill them easily. In essesnce, bedbugs have become a "super bug".

But Guardian Angel Exterminating ain't no quitter. We were determined to conquer these annoying pests despite their adaption and resilience. Enter: Diesel Powered Heaters. Capable of heating an entire home to 135 degrees Fahrenheit this method of treatment is what Tulsa has been waiting for. Gone are the days when you had to wait 6+ weeks for complete results of pesticides-- now we can eliminate bed bugs AND their eggs in less than 24 hours. We are so confident in it that we offer a 60 day guarantee!

So take your peaceful nights sleep back from beg bugs- call for a quick, no-hassle price today!
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