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Fleas infest your pets, your yard, and unfortunately your home. Although treating your pet remains an important step in ridding your home of these pests, professional pest control is necessary to eliminate them from your home.

For fleas we do an initial treatment on the interior of the home where the technician will moderately treat carpeted areas and lightly treat bare floors and area rugs.  


We may choose to use foggers in heavily infested rooms. 


For the exterior we treat the perimeter of the home around the foundation as well as areas around front walkways and decks, and will use a duster or fogger under any crawlspace. 


It is also necessary and important to focus on the source of the fleas which is the yard.  We treat the yard with granules which sink down to the level of the soil and are activated by being watered in or when it rains.  


We will need to do a minimum of 2 treatments that are 2 weeks apart for homes that do not have a crawlspace. 

For homes that have a crawlspace we will need to do a minimum of 3 treatments that are 2 weeks apart to eliminate your infestation. 


As you probably know, fleas multiply rapidly so getting rid of them is a process that takes persistence and time.   

As their eggs hatch, they will die from the residual product that we have applied.   It is for this reason that completing your follow-up treatments is so important. 


It is not uncommon to see a temporary increase in activity after your first treatment.  


It will most likely take all treatments to completely eliminate them so please be aware that the treatment is a process and most customers do not see complete results until after the last follow-up treatment has been completed.   


For each treatment, it is best for family and pets to be prepared to leave your home for 3-4 hours to allow the product to dry before you re-enter. 


We offer a  45-day interior guarantee that begins after your last follow-up has been completed.

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