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Ants are one of the most common pests to find in your kitchen, but with our ant baits, non-repellant sprays, and dusts they are no match for Guardian Angel.


Every ant service comes with a complete interior and exterior treatment. We begin on the interior by treating all of the active areas and applying our product to the baseboards throughout your home.  For the exterior, we apply our product around the perimeter of your home and landscaping.
Two weeks later we come back and do a follow-up treatment on the interior. 


Ants are social insects that must take the product we apply back to their colony where they will share it and spread it.  It will most likely take both treatments to completely eliminate their colony so please be aware that the treatment is a process and most customers do not see complete results until after the follow-up treatment. 


After your follow-up is complete you will have a 45 day guarantee on the interior of your home!

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